finding a love of extreme sports at any age

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finding a love of extreme sports at any age

One of the hardest things about being a mother is constantly worrying that something is going to happen to your kids. When my boy was little, he was always more adventurous and courageous than I liked and as he grew, so did his love for thrills. At the age of 16, I could barely stand to watch him do some of the stunts that he was doing, but I loved watching him succeed with what he loved doing. When he turned 21, he took me on a trip filled with trials of different extreme sports and I had the time of my life. You are never too old to start exploring and experiencing extreme sports. Find lots of information to spark an interest here on our blog.


Hate Hiking? 3 Ways You Can Explore The Forest Without Hiking

If you love exploring the forest but don't like packing heavy gear and trudging on foot through rough terrain all day, you may want to think about changing your mode of transportation. There's more than one way to get through the forest. Tour guides know this and have set up shop in some of the most popular tourist destinations across the country, offering guided tours as well as equipment rental. Of course, your experience on each tour will vary widely, depending on what type of tour you choose. The following are just a few of the ways tour guides are helping you explore the forest without hiking. 

Mountain Bike

Not for the faint of heart, mountain bike tours offer excitement, challenge, and a good workout. Led by an experienced and knowledgeable guide, mountain bike tours go deep into the forest and allow you to stop and enjoy designated spots, such as a waterfall or swimming hole, along the way. While there are beginner trails, intermediate trails, and advanced trails, mountain bike touring requires some skill. They also require endurance, as some tours can last several days and cover lots of miles. Check out a mountain bike gear rental shop if you have questions or want to know what gear is available.

Horseback Ride

If you prefer a slower, more laid-back tour, you might want to think about taking a horseback ride and camping trip through the areas you wish to explore. Generally, these tours are slow paced and more family-oriented. Tours can last a few hours or an entire weekend. While you don't need any riding experience to go on a tour, you might want to stick to a shorter ride your first time out so you can get used to riding and see if you like it. 

ATV Tour

If mountain biking is too extreme for you and horseback riding too slow, you may find your sweet spot on an ATV tour. Most ATV tours use stable ATVs that can be operated by anyone after a short class and demonstration. And since ATVs have four wheels, they are more stable than mountain bikes on rough terrain. ATV tours usually last several hours; some can even take a couple of days and require some camping. 

As you can see, there are several ways to explore the forest that don't require hiking. Depending on your skill and comfort level, you can try any one of these or all of them if you like. The key is to find a mode of transportation that brings excitement to your tour and makes it more enjoyable.